Free coaching sessions

Free health coaching sessions have now ended.

Thank you for your interest. I have now completed my certification, and am no longer offering free coaching sessions.

Stay tuned for my blog about my health journey- coming soon.

“I have been coached by Gemma for almost 5 months now and the transformation I have managed to achieve with my mental and physical health is phenomenal. The best part about Gemma is her ability to help me dig deep into my own strengths and weaknesses to use them to develop myself. Gemma’s positive energy has influenced my growth as a human being. I thank Gemma for being part of this journey of growth.”
Darshin, 2019


How can health coaching help me?

How do you want to feel each day?

As your health coach, I will help you to clarify what is really important to you, help you to lay out a plan to achieve it and support you as you progress (and keep you accountable, too!).

Maybe you are struggling to follow a doctor’s order to change your diet or exercise more. Maybe you are struggling with ill health, and you are under the care of a doctor and just want some support in the journey to make sure you are managing your stress, maximising your sleep, etc. Perhaps you are failing yet again to meet your new year resolution (we've all been there!). Or maybe you just want to see if you can improve how you feel day to day, so you can show up better for those you love.

There are all sorts of health and wellness goals I can help you achieve. The best way to find out how health coaching can work for you, is to book in a free 30 minute session and come and chat to me about it!

What training do you have?

I have completed a 12 month intensive, interactive and highly regarded health coach training program. This included training in functional health and lifestyle, as well as habit formation, motivational interviewing, mindfulness meditation and positive psychology (among other disciplines) - this all means that I have the science-backed tools to help you succeed. I can also provide you with general information about living a healthy lifestyle to support wellness- for example, managing stress, improving your sleep quality and eating a nutrient dense diet. 

I have also personally benefited from living a lifestyle that prioritises health and wellbeing. I am struggled with chronic illness my entire life and seen huge improvements through lifestyle change (on top of specialised care from a doctor).

I am worried I may have a medical condition that hasn’t been diagnosed. Can you help?

I'm not a doctor, and my job as a health coach isn't to diagnose or treat illness. If you are worried you may have a medical condition that is not already being treated by a doctor, you should see your doctor about that ASAP.

Why is it free?

To complete my certification, I must log a certain number of hours coaching. This means that while I am helping you, you are helping me! Having struggled with chronic health issues and having benefited greatly from healthy lifestyle changes, I understand just how challenging life can be and I want to help support you on your journey. For these reasons, I have decided to run my initial sessions for free, and only until March 2020. Don’t worry I won’t try and sell you anything- I just want to help support you, and to finish my certification!

How will the sessions run?

The sessions are 30 minutes run online, using a Zoom video conference (you can join with your computer or phone, as long as it has a camera). I am based in Melbourne, Australia but it doesn’t matter if you’re in a different location given the sessions are run online. You can see the available times here. Unfortunately there are limited times available, as I also work full time!