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Want free health coaching?


I’m close to completing my health coach certification through Chris Kresser’s ADAPT academy. As part of my certification, I am working with clients for free!

Only a few spots available.

Apply below.

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Thanks for volunteering! By completing this form, you volunteer to serve as a practice client with me for a period of time determined together by us. If i receive too many applications, I may not be able to take you on as a practice client. Rest assured all client information will be kept confidential and will not be shared. Where required to record any sessions for certification purposes, I will get your permission to do so first.

Is health coaching right for me? 

I'm not a doctor, and my job as a health coach isn't to diagnoses or treat illness. If you are worried you may have a medical condition, you should seek medical advice on that.

But there are plenty of things I can help with! My job as a coach it to help champion you to make the changes in your life that will support and strengthen your health, to help you reach your goals.

Some examples of people who would really benefit from health coaching are:

  • Are you having trouble implementing the diet changes your doctor has prescribed you?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a chronic condition, and while you are under the care of a doctor, are not happy with your condition, and want some tools about keeping health records, finding a suitable doctor, and building a lifestyle that is conducive to healing?
  • Maybe nothing significant is wrong, but you're tired of feeling sluggish and unfocussed at work, and not meeting your new years' resolution to exercise more?

How will you help me?

As your coach, I will help you to identify your goals, motivations and strengths around health and performance, and then will work with you to implement a plan to make the changes you like. I am trained in habit formation, motivational interviewing and positive psychology - meaning I have the science-backed tools to help you succeed. I can also provide you with generalised information about ancestral living - how to ensure you are living a lifestyle that will support your body to function at its best.

Why is it free?

To complete my certification, I must log a certain number of hours coaching. This means that while I am helping you, you are helping me! So I have decided to run my initial sessions for free. I will only take on a few free clients.

How will the sessions run?

The sessions will be 30 minute sessions by phone or online video (Skype or Zoom), meaning it doesn't matter if we are in a different city. The times available will be either on a weekend, or a weekday evening (GMT +10).

“What will you do with this one wild and precious life?” — Mary Oliver.

There is no bigger asset you can have than your health. Commit to making the changes you need to support your biology, so that you can enjoy – and not suffer through – each day of your life.